One on one Coaching

To accompany literally means “to be or to go with another or others”.
In our “one on one coaching sesions” we create individual spaces for accompaniment.

We would like to accompany you on your way to reach your goals, to develop happiness as a way of life. We accompany you on the path of exploring and reconnecting with your inner wisdom.

We also offer you a safe space of accompaniment where you can walk the path of learning to express your needs, where we accompany you to explore your fears, where you can heal your wounds, where you can grow in understanding and acceptance of yourself.

We offer you a space where you can connect with your inner universe and with the infinite Love that you already are and that dwells in it.

The techniques and tools that we offer vary depending on the person and the situation that you propose to us in the accompaniment. They are mainly based on Transpersonal Psychology, Mindfulness and Yoga, understanding Yoga in a broad way.

Psycological Counselling
with julia

If you ever feel like you are not good enough…
that whatever you do is never really (good) enough,
and you sort of find yourself dependent
upon your accomplishments…

transpersonal meditation
with shanti

Meditation is a simple, but not simplistic,
practice that leads us to connect with
the authentic and perennial truth that
resides and emanates from within…

Let us accompany you on your personal path to a free and true YOU.
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