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We welcome people who cannot afford the cost of a retreat who are interested in sharing and integrating this way of living yoga and meditation as a proactive attitude to be cultivated in all aspects of our daily work.

In order to facilitate coexistence as good as possible, we ask our volunteers to take on
the following commitments and take responsibility for them:

5 hours of work per day (not necessarily consecutive), 5 days per week for a minimum period of 2 months (possibility of extension if all goes well for both parties), 2 days off per week.
It is compulsory to attend at least 1 of the 2 yoga classes we offer daily, so your commitment to us would be 7 hours of your time each day, except for your days off when there is no obligation to attend classes or to help around the house.
Failure to attend the classes will be sufficient reason to terminate your stay in the house.

In exchange for that, we provide accommodation and vegan-vegetarian food
(when we have fresh eggs from our hens, no dairy food)
and participation in the daily activities that we offer (yoga, meditation, etc.).

As the house is open all year, activities take place independent of any cultural or religious holidays,
and independent of whether the volunteer sleeps or eats outside the center.

The volunteer assumes the commitment to respect the suggestions of the coordinators about the work to be done.
The tasks and ways of working are defined by the coordinators, who are open to suggestions and proposals from the volunteers that may improve the functioning of the centre.
These proposals must be previously agreed with the group and coordinators.

We expect self-responsible and mature behavior, which implies the following:

a./ Each person is responsible for the cleanliness and order of their personal area,
maintains basic hygiene in their room, collects, cleans and tidies the cutlery, dishes, tools,
common clothes and everything they use.
b./ Each person is aware of and responsible for the effect of their behavior, feelings and words on others,
the group and the environment and acts accordingly.
c./ The day before departure, the volunteer dedicates part of his/her work schedule
to a proper cleaning of his/her shared room.
d./The house and its surroundings are a completely tobacco-, alcohol- and narcotic-substance-free place.

We expect a commitment that goes beyond offering work in exchange for room and board.
We don’t need just 2 hands to work, or people who just need a place to stay.
We are a group of people who share space, experience and life.
We hope that your commitment will match ours.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to us.
We are open to any suggestions or clarifications.

What can you find here?

a./ Group activities such as yoga, meditation, a healthy and balanced way of life,
a familiar, respectful and friendly atmosphere, etc.
b./ A safe place where you can express yourself, develop and grow as a person.
c./ Enjoy living together and working in a team with open, empathetic and happy people.
d./ Accommodation in a mixed double room shared with another volunteer.
e./ Daily flexi vegan (dairy free but sometimes eggs), gluten free, low carb ….
f./ A natural paradise by the sea, surrounded by orange trees, wonderful scenery and some neighbours living nearby.

At any time that the core group or the community leader decides that the volunteer does not fit in with the needs of the center or that the center cannot meet their needs, we reserve the right to shorten
the agreed-upon stay and request that they leave early.

“Mandatory” requirements:

a./ Having the desire to grow as a person.
b./ Taking responsibility for your decisions and actions.
c./ Being in touch with your inner child, or at least doing your best to get it..
d./ Aiming to play and have fun with life as it is.
e./ Have the desire to love every daily situation and create love in everything you do.
f./ To have the desire to improve every space you inhabit, as if it were your own space.
g./ Good health and willingness to do physically demanding work.
h./ Openness, commitment, empathy, flexibility and sincerity.

Additional requirements:

It is not necessary to meet all the listed requirements but to be able to fulfill several of them.

a./ Basic knowledge of English and Spanish.
b./ Valid driving licence for Spain.
c./ Knowledge of vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan cooking.
d./ Potential to facilitate some yoga and/or meditation at some point.
e./ Basic skills in housekeeping, gardening and small domestic repairs.
f./ Active and positive attitude towards work (task efficiency).

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