Hi! My name is Santiago (Santi for short).

Meditation and yoga came into my life without a warning,
without having asked for it, leaving nothing as it was before.

My transformational process begins several years before meditation and yoga appeared in my life, around the age of 30, when I was about to be a dad, marking a turning point in which I became strongly determined that
“I want to be happy” and “I do not want to pass my miseries to my children”,
without really knowing what happiness means or how to get at “being happy”.

The arrival of meditation and yoga was silent, progressive, unstoppable and accompanied
by many small changes and adjustments in my life.

I completed a 9-months continuous training of Hatha Yoga at the
“Asociación Sirio” located in Caudiel (Castellón).

I also received, on my own path of personal change, tools such as Mindfulness Meditation as I participated in a two-year training to become a Mindfulness Consultant at the “Escuela Española de Desarrollo Transpersonal”, based in Madrid, specializing in “Mindfulness Transpersonal Education” – trainings endorsed and accredited by the
“Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes”.

I have attended two complete 12-day retreats of Vipassana Meditation at the “Dhamma Neru”
Private Vipassana Foundation based in Palau Tordera (Barcelona)…So, each day,
little by little, a continuous trickle of small change and transformation happened within myself,
my life and my circumstances, which I manage to turn my existence upside down.

I come from a very emotionally troubled past with different addictions (food, tobacco, work, drugs …) and I can say from my personal experience that the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness, as a way of relating to life, changed me completely and placed me “here and now” – from where I can be happy and really started to be. For me, it has turned out to be a 100% effective method to eradicate my suffering. 

I offer you to share my experience in this path of conscious practice and liberation that is Hatha Yoga, combined with meditation techniques with full attention “Mindfulness”.

I offer you from the bottom of my heart that, so you take and make yours what works for you if it is helpful.

If you have already decided that you are going to be happy,
now you just need to know when and where!!


This are some of the most important formations I did:

Hatha Yoga

Vinyasa yoga

Transpersonal Mindulness

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