Sound Bath


We all are energy, constantly vibrating, constantly changing and moving. That is what science in the form of quantum physics says today, and that is what the mystics have been telling us for thousands of years… 

Sound is one of the forms of energy that can be handled consciously and with ease by most people, be it the use of our voice or creating sounds using different parts of the body. Sound is peculiar in that it does not know barriers, blockages or (mental) limits. Through the use of instruments including our voice, it is possible to reach places in our mind and body that our consciousness cannot reach, precisely because of mental blockages and limits.

Sound goes where it longs to go without asking for permission. It arrives within and touches in the right place at the right time once we are ready for it, subtly and gently, nonviolently supporting the process of healing and growth in an almost magical way. 

To make use of the power of sound, we often use Tibetan singing bowls, a gong, a native American flute, Shamanic drums, a djembe, a sansula, rattlesnakes, and rain sticks at Be Mindful Yoga.

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